Website Optimization & Security

Websites need to deliver content quickly. Google generally considers web pages that load in more than 1.5 seconds as slow and some studies report that tolerable page load times range from 2 to 4 seconds. At the same time, websites need to be protected against spambots, injection bots and other forms of hacking that troll the web 24/7/365. Properly configured, a website doesn't have to sacrifice speed for security and vice versa. While no website is 100% secure or operating 100% of the time and at peak efficiency, all the websites we design, develop and manage are evaluated and monitored to optimize performance and security. We examine:

  • hardware configuration including server processors and hard drives,
  • system software configuration including operating system, control panels, web server, sql server and php handler,
  • httpd system level and htaccess website directory configuration files,
  • system and website caching and security software,
  • website content management system and software configuration, and
  • website design.

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