Responsive Website Design, Development & Management

Today, websites need to work well on a wide range of devices. Of course, one design can be completed for desktop and laptop computers, another for tablets and another for smartphones. Oh, and don't forget that each design needs to work on a wide variety of screen resolutions and web browsers. And, what to do when the next big internet enabled invention comes out? There's a way to stop the madness and costs associated with all that effort.

Responsive website design automatically responds to user behavior and preferences and the internet enabled device and web browser being used. It does so using a mix of flexible grids and layouts and other intelligence included in CSS and JavaScript, part of the coding included in a website. As a demonstration, check our website on a couple of devices (e.g., desktop computer, tablet and smartphone). The content rearranges itself automatically for easier viewing depending on the device.

We only do responsive website design, development and management and we do it using robust world-class tools.

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