Blue Lotus Works Launches Website Redesign

Blue Lotus Works, LLC, is excited to announce the launch of its new website design. Bob De Young, the managing partner, stated, "When we started Blue Lotus Works in 2011 we created a bare bones web site because at that time 99% of our attention was on client acquisition and retention. That hasn't changed, but we also recognize we need to make the time to 'walk the talk' on our internet presence. We specialize in responsive website design, website optimization and security and social media presence and we just weren't getting it done on the home front. Our new website incorporates all of our best practices and will also increase our internet presence through our partner blogs."

Based in Santa Fe, NM, Blue Lotus Works, LLC is an independent business consulting firm that provides inspired solutions for internet presence and business operations. Its partners average more than 30 years expertise in their respective fields with experience in construction, energy, financial services, hospitality, internet presence, manufacturing, power & utilities, retail and spa businesses serving as accounting, compliance, finance and hospitality management executives. Blue Lotus Works is not a CPA firm.

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